Neil Tranter

One-to-One Sessions with Neil Tranter In Person or Online

Whether you are looking to address stress, anxiety or low mood, or simply to learn how to practice mindfulness, we offer a range of approaches on a one-to-one basis. Sessions can be tailored to your needs and to meet your specific requirements.

One-to-one sessions are available in person in Brookwood (5 mins walk from the train station) or at your home for an additional charge. Online meetings are also available over Sykpe or Facetime. Sessions can cover the following areas:

To find out more call 07740 773977 or contact us via our contact form:

Contact Form

What Happens During One to One Sessions?

Before your appointment, we will ask you to complete a registration form. This will help us to understand your needs to ensure that we can offer appropriate support and guidance.

The first appointment usually lasts for 1½ hours and is an opportunity to begin to explore the themes that have been presented on the registration form. The sessions will include dialogue and the introduction of mindfulness practice, meditation or practical tools to address your needs. We will take the session at your pace and everything that we discuss will be taken in strict confidence. We will then typically provide a guided meditation recording to practice at home in between sessions.

Subsequent appointments last for 1 hour depending upon need. We offer full support via email and phone in between sessions.

Listen to Neil's Guided Meditations in the Insight Timer App:

Neil Tranter

What is your approach?

We are passionate about teaching practical mindfulness tools that can have an immediately positive impact in a variety of contexts. Our core values are:

Who Will My Sessions Be With?

Your session will be with Neil Tranter. Neil is an experienced mindfulness teacher, coach and leader who loves to help people be at their best. He has experience in teaching large groups, working with individuals and also of leading teams of up to 100 people. Everything he teaches is learnt from his own experience “in the trenches”. He listens deeply and teaches with kindness and a great sense of humour. Neil benefits from the following experience:

Also regularly attending retreats and courses to develop his personal and professional practice, including:

How Much Does it Cost?

Online1 In Person2 Home Visit3
£50 £60 £70

1Online sessions are available over Skype, Facetime or Zoom.
2In person sessions are available in Brookwood, Surrey, UK.
3Home visits are available within a 10 mile radius of Brookwood, Surrey, UK.
*Sessions are available Monday to Friday.
**Sessions include guided meditations and handouts where appropriate with full email and phone support in between sessions.
***Cancellations within 24 hours of a session are chargeable at the full amount.

Corporate Rates

To discuss rates for teams and organisations, please call Neil directly on 07740 773977 or email us via our Contact form.

How can I book or find out more?

To book an appointment or to find out more, please call Neil directly on 07740 773977 or email us via our Contact form.

Absolutely loved Neil's tuition style. I'm going to ensure that meditation becomes an integral part of my life...

Neil, you really listened to me and give me the space to work through a difficult time...

A perfect introduction to mindfulness and meditation, great explanation and guidance of a variety of different meditations and mindfulness practices...

I gained insights into who I am, and have also begun to notice that my inner confidence is improving as I continue to practice...

Gentle approach to meditation. I've seen a wide variety of meditation techniques in a short time. Neil's open honest approach works well for someone who comes from an IT background, such as myself.