Mindfulness & Meditation near Guildford and Woking, Surrey
Reduce stress and improve wellbeing by connecting with the present moment

Guided Meditation
Mindfulness & Meditation
8 Week Programmes & Retreats

8 Week Mindfulness & Meditation Courses

Combining meditation, movement work, informal mindfulness practices and group discussion, our courses enable you to reduce stress and live life to the full.

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Mindful Movement
Mindful Movement
Gentle Movement Practices

Mindful Movement

Our courses incorporate movement work such as walking meditation and guided mindful movement practices. Learn to connect to the present moment through movement and body awareness.

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One-to-One Mindfulness and Coaching
Mindfulness and Coaching

One-to-One Mindfulness and Coaching

If you’re unable to attend a group mindfulness course or would prefer a more personalised approach, we offer one to one sessions both in-person and on Skype or Facetime. These sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and specific requirements.

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Guided Meditation
Mindfulness at Work
Workshops and 8 week programmes

Mindfulness in the Workplace

We offer a variety of group and one-to-one programmes to develop awareness and clarity within your organisation.

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Welcome to Guildford Meditation

Mindfulness gives us a powerful toolkit to work with the stresses that life throws up at us, as well as the difficult thoughts and emotions that arise within us from time to time. By learning to bring our attention to what is happening in the present moment, we can interrupt our stress reaction and patterns of over-thinking by shifting to seeing things from a different perspective, from a place of calm and spaciousness.

Most importantly, we can access this spacious awareness in the very moment when we need it the most, in that moment of feeling our shoulders tense up, of feeling overwhelmed with thoughts or powerful emotions, we have the power to step back and gain the perspective of a wise impartial observer.

At Guildford Meditation, we offer non-religious (all faiths are welcome) mindfulness and meditation in the form of courses and day retreats which enable participants to:

Benefits of Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness have been proven to benefit physical and mental wellbeing by a range of studies including projects at the Oxford Mindfulness centre and University of Massachusetts centre for Mindfulness. When integrated into our daily lives, the practices of meditation and mindfulness can (to name but a few):

By learning to simply be present in the moment, accepting of physical sensations, emotions and thoughts, we can lead calmer, happier and more fulfilling lives. In this way, we can truly be alive to the human experience.

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To find out more about our courses and retreats, call 07740 773977 or contact us via our contact form:

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